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General information

This website is meant for gamblers of betting offices. You can find a large amount of various websites dedicated to this subject in the Internet. The objective of this website is to help those, who has decided to play against bookmaking offices, who would like not only to feel gambling excitement and thrill from risk of betting with own money, but to receive profit from this, and to develop oneself from a sport betting green-amateur to a professional gambler. However, above all this website focuses on providing help information for gamblers preferring "total" betting. You can find more details about this type of betting in “Betting types” article in “Articles” section. Many years' experience of gambling at betting offices led to a conclusion that betting on this type of events is perhaps the most efficient, as confirmed by various statistical samples. In order not to be a say-so person, I will run “Predictions” section, where the events with the highest success probability will be stated. The probability will be stated in percentage together with recommended betting sum for it. The probability is calculated with the help of software developed by ourselves. Its screen shots are provided in “Toolkit” section. We recommend “Bank Percentage” strategy for gambling. You will find more details and its benefits in the respective article. The predictions will be provided for the following leagues: Austria, England (Premier League), England (1st Division), England (2nd Division), Belgium, Germany (1st Bundesliga), Germany (2nd Bundesliga), Holland, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain (Primera), Spain (Segunda), Italy (Serie A), Italy (Serie B), Norway, Portugal, Russia (Premier League), Russia (1st Division), Turkey, Ukraine (Premier League), Ukraine (1st League), Finland, France (Division 1), France (Division 2), Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland (Premier League), Scotland (1st Division). To get more details please contact me via e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The website also has a forum, where you can start or discuss any topic you are interested in, communicating with me and other active or potential gamblers.

Для тех, кому нужна более подробная спортивная аналитика рекомендуем сайт Leon.live . Прогнозы на спорт и спорт аналитика от профессионалов команды Леон.