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Bank Percentage

The simplest but most uncertain strategy. It lies in the fact that you determine the sum you can give for the bets, and you bet every time a certain percentage of that is remained out of this sum. For example, giving $100 for bets, you decide to bet 25%. After losing once, you will have $75, and the next bet will be 25% of the amount remained, that is $18.75, and so on. The advantage of this method is that you never lose all money.

You can modify this method, distributing money among different types of bets, for example: 5% of the bank - for Express bets, 15% - a bet on “cets“, etc. It is only recommended not to exceed 25% of the bank in total percentage, otherwise in case of falling into bad luck the amounts of bets may fall below the minimal acceptable bet at bookmaking office. To avoid this you can divide the bank into ranges, and set specific percentage for each range separately. For example:

Bank                            Percentage

$0 - $100                    10%

$101 - $200                15%

$201 - $500                20%

$500 - $1,000              25%


Then, for example, if you have $240 left in the bank, the total betting sum for the example mentioned above makes $48.


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