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Betting Types


A bet on a separate outcome of an event. Single bet gain is equal to the product of the bet sum multiplied by the stated index for such an outcome. For example:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: win 1 2.10 $ 100

means that $100 bet has been made for the win of the first command (“Shakhtar”), the index is 2.10. If “Shakhtar” wins, the gain to be paid will equal $210, the net gain will be $210 - $100 = $110.


A bet on several independent events outcome. To win an Express bet it is needed not to get losses in any of Express outcomes. Express gain is the product of the bet sum multiplied by the indexes of all outcomes included in the Express bet. For example:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: win 1 2.10 $100

“Milan” - “Inter”: draw 2.85

“Liverpool” - “Blackburn”: win 1 1.65

(Index 9.8752)

means that $100 bet is for the win of “Shakhtar”, draw “Milan” vs “Inter”, and the win of “Liverpool”. If at least one of these events is not guessed, the bet is lost. If everything is guessed, the bet is won, and the sum of $987.52 will be paid.


The collection of Express bets, which is a complete listing of Express bets options of the same amount out of a fixed set of outcomes. It is characterized by the same bet amount for each Express bet (a version of the System) and the same number of outcomes in each Express bet. If you bet on the system you must specify the total number of outcomes and the rate of the Express bet (a system variant). System gain is the sum of gains by the Express bets within this System. For example: a System of three teams, bringing together Express bets by two teams (“two out of three”), the bet is $90:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: win 1 2.10 $90

“Milan” - “Inter”: draw 2.85

“Liverpool” - “Blackburn”: win 1 1.65

We get a complete set of Express bets (3 in total):

“Milan” - “Inter”: draw 2.85

“Liverpool” - “Blackburn”: win 1 1.65

(Index 4.7025)

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: win 1 2.10

“Liverpool” - “Blackburn”: win 1 1.65

(Index 3.465)

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: win 1 2.10

“Milan” - “Inter”: draw 2.85

(Index 5.985)

The amount of the bet is $90, it means that each Express bet is of $30. The gain is formed as the sum of the gains of won Express bets. In this example, if you have guessed all three matches, the gain will be $30x4.7025 + $30x3.465 + $30x5.985 = $424.57. If one of the matches is not guessed, only one Express will win (the one where this match is absent). For example, match “Shakhtar” - “Dynamo” has ended in a draw, then only the first Express bet has won and the gain will be $141.07. If in this example two or all three matches are not guessed, there are no winning Express bets at all.


The outcome of an event taking into account the handicap is defined as follows. The handicap given to a party is added to the respective result of the competition party. If the result obtained in such a way is in favor of the selected party, the party has won, and the bets on this party together with the handicap are winning ones. If the result is in favor of the opponent - the bet is lost. If the result received taking into account the handicap is a draw, the win index at such an outcome will be equal to “1”, unless the bets on a draw together with handicap are accepted (it is common only for bookmakers in the West). For example:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: “Dynamo” (+1) 2.00 $100

means that the bet of $100 is for “Dynamo” not losing or losing with a difference of no more than one goal. If “Dynamo” wins or there is a draw, the gain will be $200, if it loses by one goal (0:1, 1:2, 2:3, etc.), there will be a return (payout with index “1”, that is $100), if “Shakhtar” wins by 2 or more goals (2:0, 3:1, 3:0, etc.), then the bet is lost.

The handicap with purchase of 0.5 goals (or a multiple of its value) means adding to the positive or subtracting – from the negative handicap with a corresponding index reduction. For example, the line has a handicap on “Dynamo” (+1) with index 2.00. We buy a half goal by lowering the index and get a handicap (+1.5), and the index becomes equal to 1.55. Not all bookmakers provide an opportunity to purchase a handicap. Some overseas offices also give an opposite possibility – to reduce the handicap for the index increase.

Asian Handicap is a handicap, where the bets are accepted only if betting on win of a team taking into account the handicap (in the case of a draw with the handicap taken into account, the bet will be returned, however some bookmakers are taking some percentage fee out of betting sum for this, i.e., they return not the whole sum). Besides, here the bets multiple not only of the half goal (0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, etc.), but also one quarter (1 / 4, 3 / 4, 1 1 / 4, etc.) are used. If a handicap contains a quarter, the bet for such a handicap is divided into two parts. Generally the formula for dividing a handicap with a quarter into two forms can be as follows:

± N => ± (N - 1/4) and ± (N + 1/4),

where N – the handicap module with a quarter. For example, the handicap “-1 3/4” is divided into two handicaps: “-1 1/2” and “-2”.

The gain in case of such a handicap is equal to the amount of gains out of two parts. Moreover, if the bet with such a handicap is made with Ordinary bet, the gain is payed out, even if one of the bet-parts has lost, but if it is included in the Express bet, then if at least one of the bet-parts has lost, the whole Express bet is lost. The same concerns System bets.

For example:

“Arsenal” - “Leeds” Asian Handicap 0: 3/4 Home 1.93 Away 1.97

This record means that “Arsenal” is given a handicap “-3/4” or “Leeds” - “+3/4” respectively. The handicap “-3/4” to “Arsenal”, according to the formula is divided into two: “-1/2” and “-1”. Let's bet $100 on “Arsenal”. If  “Arsenal” wins by 2 or more goals, the gain will make $100 x 1.93 = $193. If “Arsenal” wins by 1 goal, the gain makes $ 50 x 1.93 + $50 = $ 146.50 (if a bookmaker does not take a fee for handicap returning). In other cases the bet is lost. If you bet on “Leeds”, handicap “+3/4” is divided in two: “+1/2” and “+1”, and if betting on the guests with $100 and “Arsenal” wins by 1 goal, the gain is $0 + $50 x 1.97 = $98.50 (if a bookmaker does not take a fee for handicap returning). In case of draw or “Leeds” win, the gain will make $100 x 1.97 = $197, in other cases the bet is lost.


The bet for both first time outcome and the whole match outcome in general at once. For example:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: draw, win 1 5.75 $100

means $100 bet for the draw after the first time of the match, and in the final “Shakhtar” wins the match. If at least one of these events does not occur (for example, “Shakhtar” wins both the first time and the whole match, and if on the first time there is draw, and the match is won by “Dynamo”), the bet is lost.


The bet on the number of goals scored (played games, sets, etc.) in the way of “more-less” about the number offered by a bookmaker. For example:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: total more (2.5) 1.75 $100

means a bet in $100 on both teams scoring 3 goals or more in total in the match. If the match is finished with a score of 2:1, 1:2, 2:2, 3:0, etc., the bet wins. If the score is 0:0, 1:1, 2:0, 0:1, etc., it is lost.

There are also individual total bets: for teams or players. For example:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: Dynamo less (1.5) 2.25 $100

means $100 bet on “Dynamo” scoring no more than one goal inclusive (that is, one or none). At the same time the number of goals scored by “Shakhtar” does not matter.

An example of an individual total bet on a player:

“Shakhtar” - “Dynamo”: Luiz Adriano more (0.5) 2.5 $100

means $100 bet on Luiz Adriano scoring at least one goal.


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