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Top fantasy picks for the playoffs

Top fantasy picks for the playoffs

Time flies, the fantasy football regular season is up, next up are the playoffs. We say congratulations to all who managed to reserve their place in the playoffs and its tough luck for those who failed (there is always a next time). The postseason is really a crucial time for those who reserved a place in the playoffs as they scramble through the waiver wire to sign up talented free agents.

The postseason presents a perfect opportunity for you to bolster the depth of your squad in case of injuries while at the same time it can allow you to snap up a starter or to just buy that good player who would have been acquired by your opponent. Whom do you go for; let sites such as https://all-bets.com help you as they have all the information regarding top free agents.

For last minute top waiver wire addition at every position eligible for most leagues, we have compiled a comprehensive list based onYahoo Sports and the Strength of Schedule (SoS) rankings.

Rob Smith (Dallas Cowboys, RB, 25 percent owned)

Arguably one of the best free agents out there for anyone looking for a solid defensive player. Tough having not played many games as much as he would like, largely due to the impressive form of Alfred Morris. Rob, however, is a good backup for anyone who is willing to go all the way in the playoffs, he is a good pass catcher out of the backfield, and he can run and receive and would have some real value for anyone willing to take a bet on him.

James Conner (Pittsburgh Steelers, RB, 17 percent owned)

Fantasy sports gamers using Bell as an RB need insurance and it does not come any good than in James Connor. Though bell has shown how good he is whenever he takes to the field of play, it’s not his quality on the field of play many questions but it is the number of games that he plays which worries many. Bell is injury prone as has been seen in recent seasons thus another injury is certainly not out of question. However, with the diminutive James Connor around, he can provide quality backup.

Jacquizz Rodgers (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, RB, 7 percent owned)

Tampa Bay Buccaneer's fantasy sports bettors were no doubt left disappointed by the concussion injury suffered by Doug Martin. Whether one wants to take the chance and play Martin if either he recovers quickly from an injury that may be short term or long term depends entirely on the owner. However, for those who do not take any chances, a ready backup in Jacquizz Rodgers is available. Past performances have shown how Rodgers can be of value on his day.

Alvin Kamara (New Orleans, RB, 7 percent owned)

One of the emerging prospects at the start of the regular season, the 21-year-old has grown in stature and confidence quite remarkably over the past 12 months becoming a regular feature towards the end of the season.

Kamara came to New Orleans as a backup to Adrian Peterson and Mark Ingram. However, the ‘backup’ tag soon disappeared after Adrian Peterson was traded to the Arizona Cardinals midway through the season while Mark Ingram’s form hit a dip at around the same time. Young Kamara grabbed the chance with both hands when the opportunity presented itself. His statistics in the last few weeks of the regular season are impressive, he posted weekly PPR finishes of RB22 in week 6, RB11 in week 7 and RB9 in week 8.

Mike Davis (Seattle Seahawks, RB, 3 percent owned)

Not the most consistent team nor player but on his day, Mike Davis can give just about anyone a good run for their money. This is just the first week back from injury for Mike Davis so it’s a gamble for anyone willing to scoop his resources. It a gamble that can go either way but as a backup, you couldn’tcareless, would you.

Tyrell Williams (Los Angeles Chargers, WR, 19 percent owned)

During week 14, which also is the closing week for the regular season, LA Chargers starter Philip Rivers who is in scintillating form sustained an injury. It’s not clear for how long he will be out but as his deputy is Tyrell Williams. Whether short or long term, Tyrell now becomes the automatic starter thereby giving fantasy players some questions on whether to continue with him. A gamble might just pay off if the performances reach dizzy heights.

Ricky-Seals Jones (Arizona Cardinals, TE, 4 percent owned)

A player who came from absolutely nowhere. Before the last two games of the season, not many fantasy players knew anything about Ricky-Seals Jones. However, in the last couple of games, Jones scored thrice, enough for many risk-taking fantasy football players to take notice and maybe start him.

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